90 Twyford Street
Avoca QLD 4670


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Costs and Ownership

Contract Types & Tenure

You can secure a property you’re interested in at Argyle Gardens with a $1,000 deposit. This immediately holds your chosen home for you while you make arrangements to sell your existing home.

If you do decide to purchase, you will be given a contract and the time needed to review it thoroughly. We also recommend you consult a solicitor. The contract will explain in further detail what type of ‘tenure’ you will have for the property – at Argyle Gardens we offer a Leasehold Agreement. Click here to view more about the benefits of living at Argyle Gardens.

Ongoing & Outgoing Fees

In addition to the purchase price, there is an on-going service fee or levy to cover the day-to-day operating costs and the upkeep of the village.

When you sell your property, you will also need to pay a Deferred Management Fee (DMF), also known as a ‘deferred payment’ or ‘exit fee’. 

Village Management Structure

Argyle Gardens has a manager who is on site during business hours and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the village. The village manager is your first point of contact if you have any questions or concerns and they will always try to address them fairly and promptly. We also encourage all of our residents to have a say in how their village is run by speaking with the village manager about any ideas or concerns, and participating in the residents committee meetings.